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Subscribe Profiles

Subscribe one or more profiles to email marketing, SMS marketing, or both. If the provided list has double opt-in enabled, profiles will receive a message requiring their confirmation before subscribing. Otherwise, profiles will be immediately subscribed without receiving a confirmation message.
Learn more about consent in this guide.

If a list is not provided, the opt-in process used will be determined by the account-level default opt-in setting.

To add someone to a list without changing their subscription status, use Add Profile to List.

This API will remove any UNSUBSCRIBE, SPAM_REPORT or USER_SUPPRESSED suppressions from the provided profiles. Learn more about suppressed profiles.

Maximum number of profiles can be submitted for subscription: 1000

This endpoint now supports a historical_import flag. If this flag is set true, profiles being subscribed will bypass double opt-in emails and be subscribed immediately. They will also bypass any associated "Added to list" flows. This is useful for importing historical data where you have already collected consent. If historical_import is set to true, the consented_at field is required and must be in the past.

Rate limits:
Burst: 75/s
Steady: 700/m