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Create promotional material for your integration

Learn how to create promotional material to drive interest and adoption for your integration.

As you aim to expand integration usage with your existing customers, and attract new ones, we highly recommend creating robust promotional material. 

Have you created help documentation yet? Strong documentation is foundational to promoting your app. Before diving into promotional material, check out our article on help doc creation.


When creating any documentation or promotional material, it's important to refer to our app listing requirements, which include:

  • Your app and any related documentation cannot suggest being Klaviyo’s “preferred”, “recommended”, “top performing”, “best”, etc.
  • Your app should comply with all Klaviyo brand guidelines.

Types of content

Promotional content tells the “why” of your integration, that is, why your customer should integrate with Klaviyo, and how using your product with Klaviyo provides value. 

Your promotional content can live on your website or wherever is relevant to your integration. We encourage you to create PDFs of all materials so that they can be used in outbound messaging or other marketing channels. We recommend focusing on 3 pieces of content:

  1. Integration summary
    A clear outline of what the integration does and the key benefits of using it. If you’re building a one-pager, please reference our template.
  2. Integration landing page
    Your landing page may be your customer’s first touchpoint with your integration and should make an impact. It should communicate the value of your integration, or the “why”, as opposed to the “how”, which is the purpose of your help docs. Your landing page can contain links to other resources, such as help docs or case studies, and may include interactive or embedded elements.
  3. Case studies
    A case study should capture how customers are using your integration successfully. Both performance metrics and use cases can attract and benefit merchants. You can then use these case studies to help guide future webinars, advertising, and sales pitches to appeal to more customers. Tip: offer these in a PDF so your and Klaviyo’s sales team can easily add it to an email to a customer.

Example content

Below, we’ve provided some great examples of different types of promotional content from current partners. 

Integration landing page examples:

Case study examples: 

Refer a new technology partner

If you have any merchants who are not on Klaviyo, who become interested in Klaviyo after hearing about your integration, please fill out our technology partner referral form. We can track that activity, which demonstrates your integration’s ability to drive increased interest in Klaviyo. Thank you for building with Klaviyo!

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