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Klaviyo app listing requirements

Klaviyo’s Integration Directory is the central hub for Klaviyo customers to discover apps that will help achieve their growing business needs. Before we can consider showcasing your app in our integration directory, your app must demonstrate compliance with Klaviyo’s app listing requirements detailed below. As you prepare to submit your app for review, please ensure that your app meets the criteria below.

Customer value and ease of use

  • Apps must provide clear and obvious value to customers:
    • Your app must have a website that outlines details on its benefits. Include up-to-date visuals and/or a demo video.
    • Your app must have supporting documentation on setup, accomplish common use cases, and best practices.
    • Your app must be an incremental improvement to customers’ workflows gained through efficiency or driving revenue.
  • Apps must be easy to install and use:
    • Your app must be quick and easy to install. We expect the app to be live and functional within hours, and it must not require coding for basic use cases.
    • Users installing and using this app must have a high quality, modern installation and configuration user interface while in your product.
    • Your app must have step-by-step documentation for setup and use.
    • Your app must support the main use cases with minimal manual effort by the customer for setup and use.
    • Your app must use OAuth for installation and authorization.

Technical requirements

  • Apps must demonstrate expected behavior:
    • Your app must have at least 5 installs with API activity. For the avoidance of doubt, developer accounts or other accounts associated with your company do not count toward this requirement.
    • Your app must provide a user workflow diagram, a list of API endpoints used, and an architecture diagram of the data flow. If your app only includes general information about the product, it will not be considered.
  • Apps need to follow best practices including:
    • Your app must use OAuth authentication and request only required scopes.
    • Your app must use stable APIs.
    • Your app must respect API rate limits to avoid unnecessary load in accordance with our API Terms of Use.
    • Your app must monitor for and handle errors reasonably. High error rates may result in being delisted.
  • Apps should maintain uptime and reasonable SLAs:
    • Your app must not have any frequent or unresolved customer support escalations.
    • Your app must resolve any identified issues with performance, stability and reliability in a timely manner.
    • You must notify customers of any outages related to your app and related products.

App listing

  • App listing pages should contain up-to-date information or linked resources including:
    • An accurate description of your app and how it provides customer value, beyond general product information.
    • Detailed instructions on how to install your app and contact information for customer support.
    • Clear steps on how to configure top use cases and implement best practices.
    • A list of all data exchanged between your app and Klaviyo, which lets users know how information will flow, which must be accurate, up-to-date, and reflect the scopes your app requests.
    • High quality demo and enablement material using fictional information that does not expose any customer or user information.
    • Links to your app’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy that must be kept up to date.
  • Apps cannot directly connect merchants to service providers, agencies, developers, capital fundraising, or other restricted services referred to in Klaviyo's Acceptable Use Policy.
  • App listings should not imply endorsement by Klaviyo without formal, written approval
    • Your app and any related documentation cannot suggest being Klaviyo’s “preferred”, “recommended”, “top performing”, “best”, etc.
    • Your app should comply with all Klaviyo brand guidelines.

Security and legal


Klaviyo reserves the right to choose to not list your apps for any reason.