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Build your integration

Learn about the high-level steps needed to build an integration with Klaviyo.

Benefits to building with Klaviyo

By building with Klaviyo, you’ll tap into a network that offers limitless partner to merchant and partner to partner opportunities. We work with over 130,000 top merchants and over 300 innovative technology providers that offer integrations to creators around the world. 

Our philosophy is simple: We are an open platform and encourage all partners who can benefit our mutual and future customers to integrate with us. We value and prioritize partners who offer strong customer-centric integrations.

Getting started 

We have interactive API documentation, detailed guides, and a developer community to help you build a best-in-class integration with Klaviyo. Below are some high-level steps to get you started:

1. Follow our Get Started series

By following our developer Get Started series, you will create a free test account, generate sample data, send a test API request, and more. Here, you’ll also learn about rate limits and error messages, our Postman collection, and other developer tools we offer. 

2. Join the developer community and sign up for our newsletter

Join our developer group on the Klaviyo community to participate in discussions around our APIs and get your questions answered. To hear about API updates and changes, sign up for our developer newsletter.

3. Build your integration

Map out your use cases and the relevant data connections to and from Klaviyo. Here are some key resources to help you start building:

4. Test your integration

Test your integration by sending data to, and retrieving data from, Klaviyo. You can check that your API calls successfully sent data to Klaviyo by checking in the UI. You can learn more about testing your integration by reading our testing guide on Medium. In Klaviyo, you can play around with your ingested data by creating segments, utilize properties in a template, build a metric-triggered flow and more. For commonly asked questions, check out our custom integration FAQ.

5. Register your integration for our Integration Directory

If you want to make your integration accessible to a wider audience and have it featured in the Klaviyo Integration Directory, you need to be a Klaviyo partner. You can apply to become a partner by filling out our tech partner application form (eligibility varies). Note that if you want to be featured in the integration directory, you must first set up OAuth.

Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis, and we will be in touch with any next steps. Please keep in mind that we are only able to directly work with and publicly showcase a portion of the hundreds of companies that integrate with our platform. We are currently working on improvements to expand those we can list and better highlight those listings to our customer base. We will be in touch if we are able to feature your integration, and thank you for completing the first step to make that a reality. 


  • How are Klaviyo integrations used and how do they benefit merchants?
    Integrations that send insights into Klaviyo help our merchants create a unified view of their customers and automate important customer journeys. Purchase data, shipping data, support tickets, and more - this data can easily be used to trigger email and SMS flows and personalize content.
    Integrations can add custom profile properties, such as loyalty program points or tiers, for better segmentation and personalized content. They can create email templates and images or orchestrate message sending through campaigns. Beyond sending, an integration could pull analytical data from Klaviyo to understand how customers are engaging with a brand. Our partners drive strong business outcomes and improve the benefits of using not just Klaviyo, but also the integrating platform.**
  • How do I chat with someone on the partnership team and get support?
    As much as we’d like to, we are currently unable to work directly with every platform that integrates with Klaviyo, so there is currently no way to contact the partnership team directly. That being said, our team is committed to adding value for partners by making integration more accessible, expanding our developer ecosystem, and building a more engaging partner program. You can utilize our developer portal resources and developer community to answer any questions that may surface during your build. Our support team is also available to assist with specific questions.
  • Is there a platform fee or cost to integrate with Klaviyo?
    There are no platform or API usage fees with Klaviyo, so integrating and testing are free. To learn more about Klaviyo plans, read our guide on understanding how free and paid plans differ.
  • What is the best way for my integration to gain exposure to Klaviyo’s customer base?We recommend promoting the integration to your customer base to drive adoption, building out robust material on how to use the integration to its fullest potential, and build data-backed case studies. This will help attract new business and organically inspire growth within our ecosystem. Please inform us of any customers of yours who become interested in Klaviyo from the launch of your integration, which will help you get in front of our customer-facing teams.
  • Can I get listed in the Klaviyo Integration Directory?
    See step 5 above for more information.
  • Does Klaviyo accept co-marketing requests?
    We are currently unable to accept co-marketing requests, but please tag Klaviyo in social posts so that we can support with engagement.

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